International German Piano Award


Artistic Patronage: Lars Vogt

Patronage: Dr. Peter Ramsauer




An award for exceptional artistic personalities and for special creativity.

The International Piano Forum - a summit of internationally acclaimed pianists, a podium for outstanding young artists from all over the globe to showcase their instrumental mastery. The International Piano Forum is the initiator of the International German Piano Award which is donated yearly. The prize money amounts to a total of € 20,000. The International German Piano Award has the objective to find and promote outstanding pianists worldwide. Yet, alone being nominated for the International German Piano Award is an honor to extraordinary talent. The following support of the nominees provides concerts at famous national and international concert halls and contacts to conductors as well as orchestras. Last but not least, the association supports the production of CDs, websites, an exclusive artist portfolio and much more.


Previous Laureates


Amir Tebenikhin

Lukas Geniusas

Dmitri Levkovich

Misha Namirovsky


Yekwon Sunwoo


Previous Audience awardees


Thomas Wypior

Albertina Eunju Song 


Andrejs Osokins


Actual Awardee 2015 · Yekwon Sunwoo



Actual Audience Awardee 2015 · Andrejs Osokins



German Piano Award


The German Piano Award is a distinction for pianists living, studying and mostly performing in Germany. 

The International Piano Forum is free in selection and endowment of the Award. 

As with the International German Piano Award it is directed at pianists who have an outstanding artistic expression and show the potential for an international career.

In 2016 the German Piano Award of € 10,000 will be awarded as the highest endowed price at the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy-Hochschulwettbewerb (Competition of the German Universities of Music) on 17 January 2016 in Berlin.