German Piano Award 2013
by the International Piano Forum





The International Piano Forum awards the annual "German Piano Award" on Friday, 12 April 2013. The award ceremony will take place at the Alte Oper, Frankfurt am Main, in connection with the Frankfurt Music Fair 2013.


The German Piano Award is not related to any industry or business.





Requirements for Participation

All German Universities of Music as well as all international Universities of Music and Conservatories are invited to nominate up to three candidates for the German Piano Award. Eligible are currently enrolled students or graduates of the respective university or conservatory. Participation is only possible through the respective university or conservatory.


  • The candidates of the musical academies are pianists who have already climbed the first rungs on the career ladder and are now in need of a firm footing to be able to move ahead. These are personalities who feature a high potential for a concert career.

  • The International Piano Forum may also nominate own candidates. These candidates have to go through the same selection process as all other candidates from the universities in order to become Nominees, s. below.

  • In order to guarantee the independence and fairness of the selection process in each of the academies as far as the selection of the candidates is concerned the selection process will be discussed and conducted as an internal matter at each institution. Here are some ideas of orientation to find suitable candidates:

    · artistic personality and independence
    · technical skills
    · intellectual qualities
    · development potential
    · personal independence
    · individual liberty of expression
    · musical aesthetics


Application Documents


  • DVD 40-45 minutes. The recording may not be older than one year. We expect a professional recording with the possibly highest sound quality. Sound and film editing is not permitted. Please mind the artist’s anonymity in the recording.

  • Repertoire: Variety of styles is welcome.

  • Apart from that free choice of repertoire. In case of original compositions, the candidates have to provide the jury with or deliver professionally printed sheet music notes.

  • CV and contact information.

  • Application documents must be sent to the notary appointed by the International Piano Forum latest by Monday, 03 December 2012: Notary Rainer Wicke, Wicke Rechtsanwälte, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 56, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • After receiving the documents, the notary will assign a number to each DVD recording. DVD + number will then be sent to the pre-screening jury appointed by the International Piano Forum.


Selection Process


  • The jury will not be informed which number is assigned to which candidate. This is done in order to ensure independence of the decision-making and selection process.

  • The jury for the pre-screening is not identical with the final jury at the German Piano Award 2013. In order to ensure the independent decision making of the pre-screening jury its members will not be made public.

  • All personal data including the names of the applicants will remain with the notary and will not be made public.

  • Any information concerning the nominee is not to be made available on the DVD.

  • After listening to all the recordings, each member of the jury will select a shortlist of his or her candidates for the "German Piano Award". This decision will be sent to the notary who will assemble all data and determine the nominees.

  • The nominees will be officially be informed by the International Piano Forum and their names made public.


Presentation of the German Piano Award


  • The decision of the Awardee will be found after two recitals—one in front of the jury and selected guests on 11 April 2013 and one in the public concert at the Alte Oper on 12 April 2013.

  • On 11 April 2013 the nominees that emerged from the selection process will each present to the jury a solo concert of 40-45 minutes with free choice of repertoire at the grand hall of the Frankfurt University of Music.

  • The jury will hand their votes over to the Notary in a secret ballot.

  • On 12 April 2013 the nominees will present their repertoire to the audience in a public concert with all nominees playing a recital of up to 25 minutes (the exact length will be announced in due time) at the Alte Oper Frankfurt. This recital may comprise pieces of the day before but may also consist of new pieces in order to present the jury the high variety of the artist’s mastery.

  • After this public recital on 12 April 2013 in the Alte Oper Frankfurt the members of the jury will hand their votes over to the Notary again in a secret ballot.

  • Out of all votes from both days the Notary will allocate the awardee of the German Piano Award 2013. The jury’s decision is composed off the recitals on 11 and 12 April 2013. The awardee will be announced directly after the public recital on 12 April 2013 at Alte Oper Frankfurt.

  • The attendance of the nominees is compulsory for the duration between 10 April and 12 April 2013 inclusively. The International Piano Forum will bear the costs of the nominees in respect of travelling expenses and accommodation from 10 April and 12 April 2013.

  • The award is endowed with € 20,000.

  • All nominees will receive a prestigious certificate. Additional valuable benefits are envisaged, such as opportunities for public performances as well as contacts with music labels, orchestras, and concert organizers.




  • Noted personalities of the international music scene and the awardee of the previous German Piano Award.

  • The panel of experts as well as its chairman will be appointed by the International Piano Forum.

  • The names of the members of the jury will be made public on short notice on the International Piano Forum’s website.